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Political cartoonists remind us to view critically ourselves and, in particular, our institutions. Some of the greenest have cast a skeptical eye toward the annual United Nations global climate conferences. Their common theme, the powerful neglect the less so, is a wake-up and warning for the COP 21 conference from November 30 – December 11 in Paris. Below is a sampling from four diverse pens. ~ JC

Paris 2015 by Arend van Dam (Nederlands)

Paris climate

Paris Climate Conference by Arend Van Dam. Via Cagle Cartoons. Used with permission.

Cancun 2010 by Joe Mohr (United States)

Cancun Climate Conference by Joe Mohr. Used with permission.

Copenhagen 2009 by Patrick Corrigan (Canada)

corrigan december 20 2009

Copenhagen Climate Conference by Patrick Corrigan. Via Cagle Cartoons. Used with permission.

Bali 2007 by Riber Hansson (Sweden)


Bali Climate Conference by Riber Hansson. Via Cagle Cartoons. Used with permission.