President Trump's Elephant Flip-Flop May Have Done Some Good

If you are ever able to stand in the African bush, and watch an elephant walk by, as I have, you might wonder too: What makes a person look at this magnificent creature and think, "I would love to kill that thing, cut out its tusks, and cut off its feet for trophies.” President Trump's decision to reverse his own agency, and continue the import ban on elephant trophies should prompt a deeper look into the world of big game hunting for fun and profit. View full post

By Bethany A. Ordonez | Dec 21, 2017

EPA Watch

EPA Superfund Task Force created by Pruitt kept no records of meetings. Group was to revamp cleanups.  ➔  Chicago Tribune

EPA to end contract with conservative ‘media monitoring’ firm. Opposition research firm sought the correspondence of employees who were critical of the administration.  ➔ Washington Post

EPA chief Scott Pruitt sweeps office for bugs, installs high-tech locks — to the tune of nearly $9,000. Spending among a string of increased counter-surveillance precautions taken.  ➔ Denver Post 

Former Pace Law Professor Named EPA Region 1 Admin. Alexandra Dapolito Dunn announced. 

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Maurice Hinchey: 1938 – 2017. New York’s Most Accomplished Environmental Legislator

By John Cronin  |  Dec 15, 2017

On November 22, Maurice Hinchey died. The most accomplished environmental legislator yet produced by New York State, he served as a member of the state Assembly from 1975 – 2002, and then as a Congressman from 2003 – 2013. I had the honor to serve on his staff in Albany from 1979 – 1981.  Maurice was my political mentor and friend. He was fearless about taking on organized crime, corporations or the U.S. Army. He cared deeply about the Hudson River. My few years working for his NYS Assembly Committee on Environmental Conservation taught me the value of public service, though he could never convince me to run for office. View full post. . .

Six Thanksgiving Ideas

EarthDesk offers simple Thanksgiving recommendations to enhance your holiday. In addition to remembering family, friends and community, add to your list farmers, the hungry, our pollinating friends and, of course, cranberries.

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Number of the Month: 2.3 million miles

There is no comprehensive plan for repair and replacement of America’s water infrastructure — the more than one million miles of pipe that deliver the nation’s drinking water and 1.3 million miles of pipe that take away domestic wastes

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Environmental Advocacy Is a First Amendment Right

Attempts to suppress environmentalism are as old as environmentalism itself. Industrial polluters have gone to great lengths to stifle advocacy, but their expansion of censorship laws has finally crossed a line for some federal judges. Reporting by Brian Palmer of NRDC’s onEarth.

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The Disgrace of Scott Pruitt

“Muzzling scientists, scrubbing websites, attacking journalists: all in a shameful day’s work for our bought-and-paid-for EPA administrator. It’s time to stop him,” writes Jeff Turrentine, culture and politics columnist for onEarth, the digital publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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“South African Wilderness,” More Photos by Bethany A. Ordonez

“The landscape of South Africa is as diverse as its people,” says Bethany A. Ordonez of her home country. A Pace masters in environmental science candidate, she says “Learning about population dynamics and wildlife conservation has given me a greater understanding of the animals I see in the wild. When I look at the animal I see not only the animal, but its place in the ecosystem as well.” 

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“Africa’s Giants,” Photos by Bethany A. Ordonez

EarthDesk is pleased to present this splendid gallery of elephant photographs taken by Pace masters in environmental science candidate Bethany A. Ordonez in her native South Africa. “We don’t consider wildlife conservation to be an abstract idea that is the job of someone else, instead for South African’s its OUR wildlife, OUR heritage, and it is OUR responsibility to protect it and voice our opinions.”

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Pace Environmental Clinic’s Elephant Protection Act Becomes Law

Written and lobbied by the students of the Pace Environmental Clinic, the Elephant Protection Act is now law, making New York the first state to impose an outright ban on elephants in entertainment. “Taking a passion and turning it into legislation signed by the Governor is something I never imagined,” said former clinician and Pace masters in environmental policy student Nicole Virgona.

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 Individual Action

Six Ways to Recycle your Christmas Tree ~ By The Editors of Organic Life. After the holidays are over, you're faced with the thankless task of taking down the decorations (and your beautiful Christmas tree). But wait! Whatever you do, do not haul your tree to the curb. To learn more, head over to Organic Life.

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From the Pace Takes New York image blog. NYC ephemera: Manhole that once led to a shaft of the old Croton Aqueduct that fed drinking water to the city. Photo by Professor Michael Finewood

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