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Pollution, health, and the planet. Time for action:
The U.S. EPA, headed by Administrator Scott Pruitt, undermines environmental regulations. ➔ The Lancet.

Why Has the E.P.A. Shifted on
Toxic Chemicals? 
A former chemical industry scientist 
shapes policy on hazardous chemicals. Inside 
E.P.A., fear for public health. ➔ The New York Times


Puerto Rico: Devastation without representation
A major reason underlying the lack of urgency among mainland politicians is the fact Puerto Rico has no political power. ➔ The Hill


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"Africa's Giants" by Bethany A. Ordonez

EarthDesk  | Oct 22, 2017

EarthDesk is pleased to present "Africa's Giants," elephant photographs taken by Pace environmental science masters candidate Bethany A. Ordonez while in her native South Africa. Bethany reflected on the signing of the Pace Environmental Clinic's Elephant Protection Act (EarthDesk, Oct. 20) and the distorted imagery of wildlife communicated by the specter of performing elephants: "Any animal in a circus does not encourage conservation. The true basis of conservation is to protect a species in its natural habitat and preserve it in the state in which it naturally occurs. To appreciate why an animal needs to be protected, we need to see it as the wild, magnificent creature that it is." All images ©2017 Bethany A. OrdonezView Bethany's gallery. . .

Pace Environmental Clinic’s Elephant Protection Act Becomes Law

Written and lobbied by the students of the Pace Environmental Clinic, the Elephant Protection Act is now law, making New York the first state to impose an outright ban on elephants in entertainment. “Taking a passion and turning it into legislation signed by the Governor is something I never imagined,” said former clinician and Pace masters in environmental policy student Nicole Virgona.

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EarthDesk Sunday: NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2

“Your planet is changing. We’re on it.” NASA adopted the motto during the Obama years, and is still on it, despite the war on science. View the video about NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2, and learn more about the 2 1/2 years of data, and the Science articles that the earth and space agency published last week.

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Number of the Month: 32%

The October number is a twofer. Trump is repealing the Obama plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 32%. Meanwhile, Trump’s approval has bottomed at 32%. NRDC will sue over the emissions. There’s no court where the president can appeal his ratings slide.

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EarthDesk Sunday: “30 Days Timelapse at Sea” by JeffHK

Take just ten minutes on a good screen to view this exquisite video by sailor JeffHK. Of the attempts to portray graphically the magnitude of our oceans relative to the rest of the planet, Jeff surpasses most, journeying from the “Red Sea passing the Indian Ocean” “and then finally SouthEast China Sea arriving at Hong Kong.”

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EarthDesk is published by the Dyson College Institute for Sustainability and the Environment at Pace University; John Cronin, editor.

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The latest from the Pace Takes New York image blog: “One does need a hint of color.” The Autumn harvest is coming in! Today, peppers from the Pace garden. Photo by Professor Angelo Spillo. 

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