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THE PLACID BEAUTY of the small Hudson River Valley village where I live is a favorite of motorcyclists, lots of motorcyclists. Periodically, they rev their engines loud and long. I do not know why. Perhaps all that placidity gets tedious. Happily for me, National Geographic, champion of internal combustion touring (EarthDesk, July 9, 2013), encourages motorcyclists to explore America’s natural wonders elsewhere.

nat geo motorcycle

On its travel webpages, NatGeo recommends ten “heightened adventure[s].” You can: overpower the smell of  “crustaceans on the wind” riding the Maine coast; barrel onto Texas’ “off-road loop through the Valley of the Gods”; zoom the “migratory trail for buffalo and later for Native Americans” on the Natchez Trace Parkway; and more.

I say go for it . . . if it takes you far away from the Hudson River Valley.