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The Sinking City of Jakarta. By Sean Gallagher. Used with permission.

The Sinking City of Jakarta. By Sean Gallagher on Everyday Climate Change. Used with permission.

Sean Gallagher is a British photographer and filmmaker who has been based in Asia for almost a decade. (More on Sean below). He provided EarthDesk with this description of the above image, which he posted on the Instagram site Everyday Climate Change:

A man walks past a river that has been covered with refuse, in a slum community in the Muaru Baru district of Jakarta. Citywide floods in early 2013 washed large amounts of refuse into some communities, completely blocking the flow of waterways.

Located on the northern shores of the island of Java, the Indonesian capital of Jakarta is on the front line of climate change.

40% of the city lies below sea-level and this coastal capital is being subjected to regular floods, intensified by the creeping waters which slowly engulf parts of the city as sea-levels rise.

Combined with storm water runoff from deforested mountains near the city, this urban area is one of the world’s most severely affected by climactic change.

Sean is part of a network of outstanding photographers from five continents who contribute to Everyday Climate Change, a breathtaking site operated by photographer James Whitlow Delano. James told EarthDesk he created Everyday Climate Change “to reach out to other photographers, like Sean, to initiate the discussion outside the cloistered photography world I live in and the cloistered academic world in which you operate.” He encourages photographers to share images that document the realities of climate change.


Twitter: #everydayclimatechange


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Sean GallagherFrom Sean’s website: My name is Sean Gallagher, a British photographer and filmmaker who has been based in Asia for almost a decade.From the Tibetan Plateau to the Indonesian archipelago, I often spend months in the field travelling across the continent documenting its most important environmental, social and cultural issues for some of the world’s leading news outlets.I am a 6-time recipient of the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting travel grant, am represented by National Geographic Creative and am a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

I graduated in Zoology from university in the United Kingdom and it is my background in science that has led to much of my work being focused on communicating environmental issues through visual storytelling.

For more on Sean, follow this link.