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Don’t Presume You Know Your Rep’s Environmental Voting Record.

NY’s Schumer and Gillibrand Shine; Hudson Valley Dem Sean Patrick Maloney Disappoints.

Washington, DC based  League of Conservation Voters has released its 2013 National Environmental Scorecard. Said LCV president Gene Karpinski:

There is a jarring disconnect between the frightening climate change developments of 2013 and the results of the 2013 National Environmental Scorecard. With myriad anti-environmental attacks and record dysfunction culminating in a government shutdown, the 2013 Scorecard largely reflects a failure to act.

In its dismal portrayal of anti-environmental forces in the House, LCV also cites support for offshore drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline, and subsidies for dirty fossil fuels.

Don’t presume you know where your representative stands. While New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand scored an impressive 100%, here on our home turf of the environmentally progressive Hudson River Valley, Democratic Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney scored a troubling 79%, with anti-environmental votes on coal ash disposal, clean energy funding, and the XL Keystone Pipeline.