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Editor’s Note: Recently, our Pace Academy colleague Andy Revkin posted a self-authored Christmas cartoon on his New York Times Dot Earth blog (below). The ire it raised is as funny as the drawing. “Anti-environmentalist,” said one dour commenter. Another made a linkage  to “Fascists.” There were the more traditional references to “killing a tree to celebrate the birth of Christ” and “carbon sinks.” But the Humorless Christmas Award goes to Tim Graham at who wrote that Andy’s cartoon was more proof that “Environmentalists prefer plants and animals to humans.” No, really: here. So, in solidarity with Andy, and in keeping with our own preference for the irreverent, we present some Christmas fun, leading with Andy’s cartoon and concluding with featured cartoonist Seppo Leinonen. — John Cronin

What if Christmas Trees Had a Holiday? by Andrew C. Revkin, New York Times Dot Earth

EarthDesk mashup: Snowmen Protest by H. Pellikka via Wikimedia Commons; Santa Claus via Shutterstock; & data via Kip Kararup Hansen.

Dreaming of a White Christmas by Seppo Leinonen. Used with permission. © Seppo Leinonen.

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Featured cartoonist Seppo Leinonen is the creator of the website Sepponet Environmental Cartoons. He is a cartoonist and illustrator from Finland. He was born in the city of Kajaani in 1957, and studied forestry and fine arts in Helsinki.

He lives with his wife, three sons and two cats in a old wooden house in the countryside. He likes to observe small and large creatures and phenomena in both nature and politics.

He takes pleasure in walking or skiing in the woods, paddling or rowing along waterways, camping with hsi family, fishing and bird watching.

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