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Craig Wilson’s moving film is beautiful and timeless in the way only hand-drawn animation can be. We asked Craig what inspired him to create Human Nature:

The inspiration behind it was to focus the viewers attention on the “small and insignificant” by amplifying the depth of destruction our footprint leaves on the earth. As I note in the film’s synopsis. “They say its the little things that count, indeed they do and they all add up to a global scale.” More on Craig and his work follows the video.

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South African born Craig Wilson is founding director of Muddpuppie Design studio. He received a BA (Hons) Animation Degree at the University for the Creative Arts in the UK, followed by an in-depth Documentary Filmmaking Course at the Wildlife Film Academy in Cape Town. Growing up in Botswana’s kalahari desert, a love for nature was instilled in Craig from an early age. His interests have always encompassed nature through one form or another. Specialising in the traditional hand-drawn technique, Craig’s Animation shorts always speak a universal language.

Human-Nature was awarded the Grand Prize at the Canterbury Animation Film Festival in 2008.  Craig currently has a short film in postproduction, an animation teaser and documentary in early pre-production stage, alongside several photography projects. To keep up with all the latest work by Craig, please subscribe, like and follow the links provided below: