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Our friends at ElephantVoices, Dr. Joyce Poole and Petter Granli, (see also EarthDesk, September 10) have redesigned their already beautiful website, and it is stunning. It contains information on elephant communication, threats to elephants, elephant sense and sociality, and elephants in captivity with abundant multimedia and education resources.

ElephantVoices also documents the extraordinary range of work Joyce and Petter have accomplished as researchers, conservationists and advocates. If a lion’s roar sets you back on your heels, try this roar from the elephant call database.

The mission of ElephantVoices is:

To inspire wonder in the intelligence, complexity and voices of elephants,
and to secure a kinder future for them through conservation, research and the sharing of knowledge.

Petter and Joyce working, with Mt. Kilimanjaro behind. By ElephantVoices

Its goals:

To advance the study of elephant cognition, communication and social behavior, and to promote the scientifically sound and ethical management and care of elephants. We accomplish these through research, conservation, education and advocacy.

According to ElephantVoices:

Poaching for the commercial trade in ivory, increasing loss and fragmentation of natural habitats, and conflict with people over diminishing resources threaten the survival and welfare of elephants. Fueled by poverty and a growing market for ivory, poaching is on the rise once more. Ivory hunters target older animals with heavier tusks, leaving traumatised individuals, fragmented families, and destroying the very fabric of elephant society.

Human-elephant conflict results in the killing, injuring, spearing, poisoning, and snaring of hundreds of elephants across Africa and Asia every month of every year. As the scale and pace of environmental destruction in African and Asian elephant range states multiplies, intensive management of elephant populations becomes inevitable. Elephants are fenced, chased, driven, captured, translocated, abducted for sale to zoos and circuses, and killed in the name of elephant management and the reduction of human-elephant conflict.

Visit ElephantVoices and show your support.