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Editor’s Note: In this special edition of Sunday Cartoon, we feature the cartoonish, if not buffoonish, Texas Congressman Randy Neugebauer publicly castigating a National Park Service Ranger for not allowing admittance to the WWII Memorial that he and his Congressional colleagues shut down along with most of the rest of the government. His obliviousness is not the best part. Quickly the crowd turns on him and he is forced to flee. Our hats off to NBC Washington for capturing the scene, which soon went viral. More on park rangers below the video — John Cronin

Congressman Randy Neugebauer bullies a Park Ranger over WWII Memorial he and his colleagues shutdown. Video by NBC Washington

EarthDesk supports the nation’s Park Rangers and urges you do the same at the Association of National Park Rangers (rather than waste your time complaining to Rep. Neugebauer). Visit their Facebook page here. Donate to their worthy projects here.