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Something very troubling has been happening to our country in the past few decades. We are letting our greatness slip away. — James Gustave Speth.

James Gustave Speth

What is your America the Possible? What America can you dream? What America will you stand for?

Must we have the highest rate of poverty amongst the world’s 20 most advanced democracies? The second highest dropout rate? The worst score on the environmental performance index?

With this video, his book America the Possible, and his new joint project with the Center for a New American Dream, James Gustave Speth, one of our nation’s great environmental visionaries, is speaking my language. (See EarthDesk, August 28)  It is time we take that first, sometimes most difficult step and dream a new future, an American Dream that befits our century, and our nation’s extraordinary promise. Then, act.

To join in, Gus asks us to: “Share the video below and tell New Dream your vision on Twitter, Facebook,  or by email, or sign up for the New Dream mailing list here.”