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The Department of Interior’s latest proposed regulations for hydraulic fracturing on public lands could set a precedent for how fracking is regulated on private lands nationally and by individual states. Judging from online reactions, the agency may well believe it has done something right because almost everyone thinks it has done something wrong. (The ever perky Bloomberg News being an exception. ) framed it this way: “A second round of draft regulations . . . are much weaker than the previous version. But they are still stronger than what the industry wants, which are no federal regulations.” EarthDesk will be covering the story in more depth in the days ahead. For now, the linked online headlines below illustrate the spectrum of reactions. (Note how  vocabulary and sources match.)

Breaking: Interior Department Bows to Pressure from Oil and Gas Industry, Weakens Fracking Rules

U.S. Chamber of Commerce:
U.S. Chamber’s Energy Institute: BLM Fracking Rules “A Solution in Search of a Problem”
Interior Disappoints With Proposed Fracking Rules

Bloomberg News:
Scaled-Back U.S. Fracking Rule Draws Qualified Praise