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The Return of Humpback Whales

Does the return of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) to the New York region mean our waters are improving? Tune-in to this month’s “Your Environment” podcast in partnership with Mid-Hudson News.

The Elephant Protection Act

The Elephant Protection Act, conceived and lobbied by the students of the Pace Environmental Policy Clinic and now awaiting the signature of Governor Andrew Cuomo, will make New York the state first in the nation to ban elephants in entertainment. More in our monthly podcast produced in cooperation with Mid-Hudson News.

Washington and Clean Water

The integrity of the Clean Water Act is of vital national importance — not because we have come so far, but because we still have so far to go. More in our monthly podcast produced in partnership with Mid-Hudson News

Robert H. Boyle, 1928 – 2017

Photo: Mark Vergari, Copyright, The Journal News 2001

The late Bob Boyle, pioneer in the Hudson River environmental movement, expert journalist, founder of Riverkeeper, inspiration for more than 300 Waterkeepers worldwide, and my longtime mentor, is the subject of this month’s EarthDesk podcast, produced in partnership with Mid-Hudson News