Drilling Disaster Looms off New York State Coast ~ By Judith Enck

The Former EPA Regional Administrator calls out Interior Secretary Zinke for his plan to open up oil and gas drilling on the east and west coasts. Florida was exempted when its Republican governor complained. Why not NY? Why not wind instead?  Read more . . .

Administration Watch

EPA stresses security concerns amid growing scrutiny of Scott Pruitt's pricey travel ~ EPA Administrator goes first class all the way.  ➔  CNBC

The EPA website is "still updating" climate change info ~ If you are interested in climate change, you are better off going somewhere else. Are EPA's climate pages being molded to fit Pruitt's ideology? ➔ Wired 

Zinke on offshore drilling flip: Florida's 'coastal currents' are different  ~  Critics call decision to exempt Florida from offshore drilling plan favoritism to benefit Republican Governor Rick Scott. ➔ CNN 

Zinke to oil and gas industry: Let 'er rip ~ Interior Secretary proposes to gut the Bureau of Land Management’s  standards adopted over a year ago.  ➔ NRDC 

EarthDesk's Latest

EarthDesk Sunday: “30 Days Timelapse at Sea” by JeffHK

Take just ten minutes on a good screen to view this exquisite video by sailor JeffHK. Of the attempts to portray graphically the magnitude of our oceans relative to the rest of the planet, Jeff surpasses most, journeying from the “Red Sea passing the Indian Ocean” “and then finally SouthEast China Sea arriving at Hong Kong.”

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Number of the Month: 1500 Dams

Pace student Rowan Lanning proposes a Deadbeat Dam Act to rid New York waters of nonfunctional dams that ruin aquatic ecostsystems. More than 1500 dams block Hudson River tributaries. The transformation of the Wynants Kill in Troy New York is evidence she is onto something. Video follows.

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The Jungle Amidst the Concrete

New York City is called a “concrete jungle” for good reason. Thanks to our Nature in the City class, I now know the true ecological diversity to be found away from the blaring car horns and smelly sidewalk garbage.

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EarthDesk Radio: Humpback Whales

Does the return of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) to the New York region mean our waters are improving? Find out in our monthly “Your Environment” podcast, in partnership with Mid-Hudson News.

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Coast Guard Suspension of Hudson River Anchorages Is Not Enough

The Coast Guard’s surprise decision to suspend its Hudson River anchorage proposal in order to conduct a required navigation study came seven months after the Pace Environmental Policy Clinic called on the Coast Guard to do just that. But it’s not enough. An agency rule skirts the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act. Pace students Rowan Lanning and Christina Thomas have the solution.

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EarthDesk Radio: The Elephant Protection Act

The Elephant Protection Act, conceived and lobbied by the students of the Pace Environmental Policy Clinic and now awaiting the signature of Governor Andrew Cuomo, would make the New York State the first in the nation to ban elephants in entertainment. More in our monthly podcast produced in cooperation with Mid-Hudson News.

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