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The Shad Returned. Fishermen Didn’t

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Administration Watch

Lobbyist helped arrange Scott Pruitt’s $100,000 trip to Morocco ~ Partly arranged by longtime lobbyist and friend, it cost taxpayers about $100,000 ➔ Washington Post

Scott Pruitt’s Crusade Against “Secret Science” Could Be Disastrous for Public Health ~ When Pruitt arrived on the scene he breathed new life into the old debate. Real researchers are angry. ➔ The New Yorker

Top Interior Official In Email To Staff: ‘Our Job Is To Protect The Secretary’ ~ A scheduler spent $4,000 on a week in the U.S. Virgin Islands to prepare for Ryan Zinke’s trip. Will draw an inspector’s  ➔ Huffington Post

Pruitt’s staffer reportedly had a genius plan to help his boss: smear Ryan Zinke ~ Plan to throw Zinke under the bus hit a major snag: The White House.   ➔ Vox

EarthDesk’s Latest

Peace on Earth by Charles Henry Alston

We present this image by Charles Henry Alston to honor our veterans, more than 100,000 of whom will be homeless Christmas Day. A central figure in the Harlem Renaissance Movement, Alston knew the towering musical figures of the day, such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. He made this drawing while staff artist for the Office of War Information in 1940.

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Happy Thanksgiving

EarthDesk offers six simple Thanksgiving recommendations to enhance your holiday. In addition to remembering family, friends and community, add to your list the hungry and homeless, farmers, and our pollinating friends responsible for much of our food. Inside is EarthDesk’s award winning (we think it should be) recipe for a simple cranberry sauce. Enjoy.

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Number of the Month: 2.3 million miles

There is no comprehensive plan for repair and replacement of America’s water infrastructure — the more than one million miles of pipe that deliver the nation’s drinking water and 1.3 million miles of pipe that take away domestic wastes

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The Disgrace of Scott Pruitt

“Muzzling scientists, scrubbing websites, attacking journalists: all in a shameful day’s work for our bought-and-paid-for EPA administrator. It’s time to stop him,” writes Jeff Turrentine, culture and politics columnist for onEarth, the digital publication of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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“South African Wilderness,” by Bethany A. Ordonez

“The landscape of South Africa is as diverse as its people,” said Bethany of her home country. Of Pace, she adds “Learning about wildlife conservation has given me a greater understanding of the wild. I see not only the animal, but its place in the ecosystem.” 

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“Africa’s Giants,” Photos by Bethany A. Ordonez

EarthDesk is pleased to present this splendid gallery of elephant photographs taken by Pace masters in environmental science candidate Bethany A. Ordonez in her native South Africa. “We don’t consider wildlife conservation to be an abstract idea that is the job of someone else, instead for South African’s its OUR wildlife, OUR heritage, and it is OUR responsibility to protect it and voice our opinions.”

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