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Ed. Note: Pictured is my village of Cold Spring, where the Hudson River estuary cleaves the Appalachians, the only place that mountain chain is broken at sea level. This winter, the shore is indistinguishable from the river, the land and water merging in one broad white field, as if a tundra had invaded the temperate zone. I don’t know that photographer Russell Cusick intended to present the Hudson Highlands as the top edge of a valentine when he took this picture on February 14, but I do know he always has love in his heart. Click the pic for a larger version. More on Russ below. — John Cronin

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A classically trained operatic baritone originally from California, Russell Cusick was awarded a full scholarship to The Julliard School and graduated from its renowned opera center in 1993. With the Hudson River as his central inspiration, Russ has translated and modulated his passion for music into visual art and photography. His art incorporates oil and acrylic paints, acrylic resins and various substrates and is mounted on wood of various sizes and shapes. Russ resides in the Hudson River Valley, where he owns and operates the Russell Cusick Gallery in Beacon, New York.

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